Become the world's top enterprises in the field of lighting
Good good quality scientific management excellence
Excellence, continuous improvement for customer satisfaction
The qualified rate of finished products is over 99%
The qualified rate of finished products is over 98%
The qualification rate of process inspection is above 95%
Customer satisfaction is above 85%
Fusing lighting art to enrich human life
Leading brand of lighting field
For customers:
Provide high quality products and services
For shareholders:
Achieving sustained capital appreciation returns
For employees:
Building a good career development space
For society:
With public welfare peers, love more exciting

Enterprise core values

The core values of the company reflect the common ideals of our owners, managers and ordinary employees.

These values regulate our attitudes and beliefs, and allow us to interact with clients, distributors and suppliers.

To this end, we will:

1, mutual trust, respect each other.

2, enjoy the work, celebrate the results.

3, depending on the product quality of life, to promote the development of quality.

4, the team operation way to achieve common goals.

5. Responsible, develop practical goals, define predictable accomplishments, and provide authentic performance reviews.

6, in the practice and perfect, the courage to accept the change, creativity, cultivate new ideas.

7, create a good working atmosphere and encourage employees to realize their value in the process of pursuing common goals.

8, resolutely safeguard the interests of enterprises, improve the quality of life of employees.

9, to attract and retain talents who are willing to pay for the fine tradition of qilang.